Is technology your best friend in the classroom? by Vini Bance

Is technology your best friend in the classroom? by Vini Bance

Teaching found me in the slums of Mumbai whilst working for a Charity and this is where I learnt that teaching children was something I loved and something I felt truly passionate about. After 5 years of teaching humanities, being in charge of a department and being an advocate for different approaches to Teaching and Learning, I am now working for an Education Technology company that truly believes in addressing the simple obstacles that teachers face in the classroom. Such as how do you keep children engaged every hour of their school day for 5 days a week? Or how can a teacher gain insight into individual pupils learning gaps without spending hours on marking? My aim is to work with Quizalize and Zzish and to make a difference to the lives of teachers and students by helping to create the future of education through technology.

iPads, Smart Boards, Promethean Boards etc…I’d used them all in my PGCE year! I tried to take risks and try the newest trend in order to keep my pupils interested and enthusiastic. I wanted technology to enhance my teaching and subsequently their learning. Unfortunately, more often than not, I ended up back with PowerPoint to show my lesson plan (plus or minus the occasional video explaining key theoretical concepts) and my trusted interactive whiteboard to integrate Assessment for Learning! As a humanities teacher, technology really wasn’t my best friend in the classroom. Nothing I found had been worth using consistently enough for it to have any impact on my teaching day.

So how can technology be my best friend if it doesn’t acknowledge my subject?

Then I discovered a quiz website that not only allows you to create online assessments, which you can store until the end of time, but it has also created a new way to assess progress as you can see live results projected on an online dashboard instantly. What’s more, the pupils loved it. They instantly connected with the concept and were all a dab hand at navigating their way through the quiz! For them, it brought an interactive and competitive element to the classroom.

‘Quizalize’ very quickly changed my stance on technology. It allowed me to intervene and address any problems that my pupils had with a particular question or topic straight away.

Technology that saves me time and workload are always welcomed in my classroom and Quizalize does just that. It saves me the money I spent on printing assessments, and time I spent on marking, redistributing and providing feedback to the children’s assessments was all done in the next lesson. I can do all that and more in the classroom instantly with Quizalize.



Accepted friend request!

Quizalize is very much driven by the needs of teachers and children. It provides a website that teachers can use to assess and record children’s progress, as well as providing children a fun and engaging way to learn. It doesn’t only cater to the main subjects, such as Maths and Science, but it is versatile and can be used across all subjects such as, the one that I specialize in, humanities. In fact, I liked Quizalize so much that I actually joined the team to help spread the word.

Quizalize Vs. Ofsted

• Engages pupils in their learning through a game based learning approach.

• Differentiation can be easily done as teachers are able to set personalised quizzes depending on pupils needs. It also enables the growth mind-set theory as challenges are embraced, as it is believed that children can improve at a task.

• Progress can be shown in the live dashboard allowing the teacher to address the learning gap instantly as well as adopting the flipped classroom model.

Check it out now or get in touch if you’d like to find out more @TeachersEdTech


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