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Chris Carter is a Tech Coach and Teacher at Concordia International School Shanghai. He is the 2012 Patricia Behring NHD Asia History Teacher of the Year award recipient. Chris truly enjoys being the chief editor of ICT in Practice magazine and wears several hats as well. He co-hosts the Education Vanguard, Tech Tools Daily, and EdTech Roundtable programs on 21st Century Learning Radio. Currently. In the classroom, Chris promotes project-based learning, computational thinking, relational teaching, and equity in education. Chris is a lifelong learner who researches and uses the latest and greatest EdTech tools because he believes in providing the best possible learning environments for all students.

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I worked as an ICT Coordinator in primary schools in London for almost 10 years. I am currently employed as a Senior Lecturer in Primary Computing and ICT . I have an MA ICT in Education from the London Knowledge Lab, University of London. I am also a PhD student at Goldsmiths, University of London. My research focus is children’s thinking and learning when designing digital games. Prior to my teaching career I worked as a child psychologist for many years. I am the founder and co- editor of an online magazine called ICT in Practice where educators from around the world share their experiences of using technology in education.

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I’m Elliott; A hugely enthusiastic learner and facilitator of learning. I have only been a primary school teacher for a year but I have always known that my passion was with children and their learning. I am fascinated by the way in which children learn and how us, as facilitators, can scaffold that learning to all children and not just a few. I am passionate about history, technology and geography. I am currently in the middle of my MEd in Education at Cambridge University. My research is based around School Improvement and Management.