Mobile Technologies… Learning with iPads by Martin Svensson

Mobile Technologies… Learning with iPads by Martin Svensson

I have worked with my 24 students this year (from January) with 12 iPads. The students are 10 years old. They have worked in pairs so they also have to practice co-operation, but sometimes they have worked alone. This is a special ”test project” to see how iPads can develop the kids motivation and knowledge.

We have most of the time worked with Pages (Writing stories, research, texts, mind maps etc), Garageband and a couple of other apps.  We have also borrowed e-books from the library. I found many advantages with iPads. It is easy to start and get into the iPad so you save a lot of time. You don’t need an ICT room or something like that, just open the program and start. The pupils learn from each other like rings on water, as a teacher you just need to start up the idea and most of the kids love to work with the iPads. They are also often proud of their work. Another advantage with the iPads is that you learn with several minds. You can for example see a picture of an animal, listen to the sound of the animal, and the right pronunciation in English and all the time you touch. I think this is great. I don’t think there are so many disadvantages; of course some kids thinks its more fun to just play games and watch videos on youtube. The temptation to do this instead of work is sometimes too big.

We haven´t had so many technical problems so that’s good.  We haven´t got a printer connection with the iPads so the pupils have to e-mail their work to the computers and after that log into a computer to be able to print their work on paper. This has been more complicated for the kids. In Garageband we have to practice to play chords on the  guitar and to play the keyboard. We have also worked to add our own lyrics to a famous melody. The pupils have of course got a headset when we have done this.

When I asked the students about fun things to do with the iPad they answered:

  • Stories in the app
  • Olympic research
  • Hangman
  • Writing e-mails to a friend
  • Making a song and making music
  • Talking Tom
  • Writing stories
  • Reading for one another
  • Using You Tube
  • Playing games


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