Augmented Learning:The future of EdTech and classroom engagement for young children

Augmented Learning:The future of EdTech and classroom engagement for young children

Hold a beating 3D heart in the palm of your hand and watch as blood flows through it, travel to the centre of the Earth’s core, or share a yarn whilst floating along the Milky Way. Augmented Learning cuts new waves into education by resurrecting a lost race of dinosaurs inside a schoolbag, floating the entire solar system across children’s fingertips, and by injecting an additional edge into mathematics. Imaginality Augmented Learning is a 3D learning tool that uses a set of smart cards or ‘paddles’, any ordinary webcam and unique software to close the gap between the everyday and the seemingly impossible.

1Designed to enhance students understanding of spatial, temporal and contextual information, this software brings education to life using Augmented Reality.

Rooted in two main platforms, Play or Create, Imaginality has a database of 47 modules in Science, Geography, History, English or Mathematics to choose from; including The Earth Builder, Story Creator, and Volume of Pyramids modules. Imaginality also offers teachers the flexibility to create their own entirely individual 3D lesson plans and content via Google Sketch up.

Augmented Learning promises and encourages the following:

• Reduced errors in tasks, while boosting student confidence and academic progression.

• Delivery of complex concepts with an engaging flair that is easy for students to understand.

• Assisting kinaesthetic learners and children with special learning requirements.

• Encouraging high achieving students whilst reducing disruptions within classrooms.

Imaginality Modules

Please get in touch to book your complimentary demonstration and we will be delighted to showcase Imaginality Learning’s unique software at your school. In the meantime, take a look at what our primary school visitors had to say at BETT 2015!

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