by Kostas Karolemeas

Computers are everywhere! In our smartphones, in our TVs… even in our refrigerators!

These incredible machines have changed the way we do things. Think about a text editor that helps us write down our thoughts. Also think about social networking and messaging apps that helps us communicate with each other.

Computers have also changed the way we think and make decisions. They give us access to information in ways it was not possible before. Think about the knowledge in Wikipedia and the power of Google Search.

They are arguably an extension to our brain! Imagine the power of being able to control these machines. We would know how to give them step-by-step instructions on solving a problem. Then we would just feed them with relevant pieces of information just get the solution fast and without getting tired. The solution that could make our personal of professional lives better!

The art of programming a computer (coding) is about putting together those step-by-step instructions. Everyone can master it. It takes time as it is the case with any art but we founded Allcancode just to make it doable!

Our game

We believe that the best way to master programming is by making it a fun process through games. Starting from younger kids (6 to 12 y.o.) we designed an adventure game where Marco is the main character. He starts a long journey towards learning more about himself. Down the path friends will help him and enemies will hinder him. Levels or series of them present a goal that the player needs to achieve by giving step-by-step instructions to Marco.

A writer of children’s literature provides the storyline. He works close with the game designer while the end result is validated by teachers in classrooms.

Our visual programming language

We have chosen a custom visual programming language over a real one. It is easier to understand and more fun to apply. Professional developers tend to argue on which is the best programming language. In reality there is no best or worst but more or less suitable for a specific problem / application. Once one masters the art of programming using any language she can then learn and apply any other really fast. The computer language is a means for expressing a solution so that the computer can execute it. The goal is to learn how to put together the solution in the first place. Our visual programming language avoids the syntactic sugar of real ones. This makes it easier to read and understand without sacrificing its expressive power.

Current Status

We have delivered the first 10 levels that teach simple instructions, repeat-n-times and repeat-while. The next 10 levels due in October 2014 will introduce if-then-else. This will complete the first set of levels. The next set will introduce the concept of memory (i.e. variables). In parallel that set will foster the development of simple algorithms. The goal is to gradually present goals, which are more difficult to achieve and thus require complex logic.

The game is available: For browser on Windows and Mac:


T h r o u g h C h rome S t o r e :


On Google Play for Android tablets (7″ and up):


On iTunes Store for iPads:




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