ICT in Practice Festival of Learning with Technology

ICT in Practice Festival of Learning with Technology


This year we have decided to meet up with our local community. We wanted to have a day of tinkering with ideas together with children, parents and teachers. What we have in our mind is different from a conventional summit. We don’t want to sit and listen to others or watch another Power Point presentation. We usually have a nap half-way through anyway. We want to have fun, make things, break things, re-make them, then break them again! Basically just explore the world of learning with technology through play.

We are very privileged to be partnered with the WOW Zone for this event. Please visit the WOW zone website to find out more about their amazing activities.

Submit a Workshop

Would you like to share your ideas or complete a project with children, parents or teachers? Then this is the festival for you. We are not limiting your imagination. You can play games or make games, or maybe create a podcast show, even design a robot. Join us and unleash your creativity. Visit  http://festivaloflearningwithtechnology.ictinpractice.com  to find out more.

Remember the deadline for submission is June 30th 2015.



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